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Fuel and Oil Recommendations

Date:05 Dec 2012

Use unleaded gasoline with an octane number 95 or higher. Unleaded gasoline can extend spark plug life and exhaust component life.

Engine Oil

Use of high quality 4-stroke engine oil would extend the lifetime of the engine. Grade SE or SD engine oil in API method is recommended, whose viscosity is SAE10W-40. If this oil is not available, please purchase appropriate substitutes according to the data listed below.

MLE recommended using 15W50 API SG and above.
How often should I change my motorcycle engine oil?

You should change your motorcycle engine oil and engine oil filter at the first 500 kilometer service interval and at every 2,000 kilometer service interval thereafter. 1.2 to 1.4 litre engine oil to use for every service.

Remember, if you ride your motorcycle hard, under dusty conditions, or in cold weather, the engine oil and filter should be changed more often.

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